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Introducing "Borrowed Time," the newest release from Tom Killner. This 10-track album features powerful, soulful vocals and blistering guitar solos that will leave you wanting more. From the cosmic sounds of the opening track to the infectious groove of "Ride with Me," each song on this album is a testament to Killner's songwriting and musicality. With tracks like "Devils Gate" and "Light it Up," Killner takes listeners on a dynamic journey through the highs and lows of life, love, and everything in between. Get ready to rock out and groove along to "Borrowed Time," the latest must-have addition to your music collection.



Cosmic Sounds

Devils Gate

One Day at a Time

On the Other Side

Only You

Borrowed Time

No More

Heart of Gold

Light it Up

Ride with Me

Borrowed Time - CD

SKU: CBR0003
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